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Learn Fun Tricks With PediatricKs Physical Therapy

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  • PediatricKs evaluates each child and determines their impairments and functional limitations. PediatricKs uses a fun approach to teaching you and your child physical therapy tricks to achieving your goals!  We treat a wide variety of diagnoses, including Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Down Sydrome, Torticollis, Developmental Delay, muscular weakness or tightness, gait impairments, foot impairments, and more.  We specialize in private sessions in your home, daycare/school, playgrounds, or any outdoor or natural environment! Sessions can be in person or virtual! Contact us today!


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My name is Dr. Jaclyn Petuya, I am a licensed pediatric physical therapist in the state of Delaware.  I graduated in 2012 with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and have been working with children in their homes and natural environments.  I started this business to help families learn fun tricks to achieving their child's milestones.  I offer one on one or group physical therapy sessions in-home/outdoors/virtually/at daycare.   I also offer infant and toddler milestone classes at Hockessin Athletic Club for members only and Cornerstone Martial Arts for the general public.   We accept BCBS, Health Options, Medicaid, Cigna, Venmo, PayPal, Cashapp,  cash, and more insurances soon!  Physician script required for insurance.






What They’re Saying

A huge shout out to PediatricKs Physical Therapy.  Jackie is such a wonderful, caring, knowledgeable, hands on physical therapist.  Working with children is truly her passion in life and it shows in her work.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone.  Our daughter loved working with her and excelled so quickly.  -Tiffanie D.

I recommend her to all children that have a disability with walking, crawling, etc. She has done justice for my child, she taught her how to crawl, how to walk, how to stand, and bend over on her own.  -Yolanda L.

Jackie is outstanding and worked with our son, Shane, who needed various therapies for low muscle tone and recovery from removal of extra fingers and toes. You would never know today that Shane had any of these needs given the attention that Jackie paid to him. Highly recommend!  -Michael A.

Jackie is the best!!! My daughter had many of therapists before Jackie and needed moderate support.  Within a year my daughter was up and moving.  I know if I would've found out about Jackie sooner, my daughter would've definitely been walking before 3.5-4!  My daughter really grew attached to Jackie too!!! Thanks again Jackie!  -Dawn M.

I remember meeting Miss Jackie at the playground, watching her teaching Andre how to walk up the stairs and being able to have my son taking his first steps!  - Angie C.

Jackie is AMAZING! Not only did she get my daughter from crawling to walking, but she was my greatest cheerleader/advocate when it came to getting services for my daughter. She helped get her additional coverage through early intervention services and made sure we were taken care of from the start! We worked with Jackie for years until my daughter started school. I can’t say enough good things about her. She is amazing, friendly, professional, and genuinely cares about the kids she treats.  -Megan T.

THE ABSOLUTE BEST! I had the pleasure of working alongside Jackie for 3 years.  In that time I took in 2 children.  They had significant needs across the board.  Very delayed gross motor skills, sensory challenges, and EXTREME emotional and behavioral challenges due to trauma and challenges at birth.  Jackie was who I chose to work with my kids.  In the therapy world, that says a lot!  We know the ins and outs of everyone we work with.  Jackie is patient, persistent, flexible, and creative.  She is willing to do anything to get kids where there need to be!  A creative way that Jackie was able to convince my daughter to do some work (she tied her blankies around her so that she didn't have to part with them and was still safe)!  One of my favorite pictures ever!  -Rachel D.

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